About Us

Although we’ve been a small start up for some time, we’ve always kept ourselves limited in what we made available to the world. Well now that has changed over the last couple years little by little.

So here we are now…

Our goal is to make trends, not look to follow other so called trends…sure trends are cool for a reason…but lets face it, they all aren’t that cool, and some are down right lame.

We have been in corporate meetings where our designs get picked apart piece by piece, until all thats left is a logo.
We have made cutting edge designs, to get left on the cutting room floor, for something thats..."trending right now"
and we have seen designs sell hundreds of thousands units, and the designer not received a bonus or even a thanks....so if we are going to push a logo....well, that should be our own logo, and our artist all get a tremendous cut of each design they sell.

so Eternyl is more of a timeless approach to apparel & design and less of a trendy what’s hot now.
and we sell and design the tees we do, because...well....we love it.

We've been around since 1999, and have designed for some of the biggest brands in the world.
but now we just want to do our thing, and hopefully we can connect with a few of you out there that share our vision.

untrendy since 1999